Bulletin 2 Nevza Oddanesand

Bulletin No. 2 NEVZA Men and Women Oddanesand 2018
1. Accomandation: Please send mail to hoiprom@yahoo.com for reservation of cottages. The price for these cottages that are right next to the venue is 150 Euro a person for the period you stay there. You can stay from june 25.- to june 30. (ore july 1. on special request). The price is 150 Euro a person no matter how many days you stay during this period due to the fact that the cottages are rented out on a weekly basis.

2. Payments for the tournament. A lot of players have experienced problems with the payment link. The problem should have been solved, so please give the system one more try. The link to the payment system is:

3. It is scheduled a stop on the national Norwegian tour starting on saturday june 30. that will finish on sunday. Foreign teams may apply for a wild card in this tournament in case they want. To still play in the NEVZA event on saturday you need to reach the semifinals. We can fit in to male teams, and two female teams. For teams that are interested, please send a mail to hoiprom@yahoo.com. We need the apply today, june 26!

4. For information around the tournament, please search NEVZA Oddanesand 2018 on facebook.